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Online Accounting,Inventry Application

Automotive and Light/Heavy Online Accounting Software for Small to mid size service and repair shops at a price to fit your budget, and personnel accounts keeping and report creation software

  • Increase your service department's productivity.
  • Track employee time for payroll, profitability and analysis.
  • Create customer friendly invoices.
  • Track a parts inventory.
  • Add a new part with a few clicks.
  • Track service history.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Build employee accountability and co-operation
  • Run useful reports daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Customizable to meet all of YOUR needs.
  • 24-hour customer support.

(POS) software is software that retailers/whole saler’s use to calculate sales and operate the cash drawer; it is the computerized cash register. Point of sale software adds up the sales total, figures the state sales tax, calculates the change back from the amount tendered, and automatically adjusts the store's inventory levels to debit the amount of inventory sold. At a minimum, your point of sale system should handle sales, manage your inventory database, run a barcode scanner and allow you the capability of querying your inventory and sales database in a flexible way

  • Complete double entry accounting
  • Average Cost accounting methods
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Extensive reporting
  • 24-hour customer support.
  • and more...